Insurance: Protection for Life’s Uncertainties
and Providing you Peace of Mind

General and commercial insurance coverages provide essential protection against various risks. General insurance safeguards individuals and businesses from property damage, liability, theft, and income loss. Commercial insurance specifically address risks related to business operations.


Commercial Business Insurance

SME Business Insurance

In Australia, all businesses, including SMEs, gain financial security with SME business insurance. Mandatory covers include workers’ compensation, professional indemnity, and CTP for vehicles, while optional insurance mitigates risk and safeguards assets.


Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption, also called Loss of Profits insurance, compensates owners for fixed overheads and costs due to events like fire or storm damage that halt trading. Coverage lasts until full recovery.


Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works Insurance has two sections: one covering physical loss or damage to works, and the other for personal injury or third-party property damage. It also includes coverage for business-owned tools and equipment on and off-site.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance safeguards against physical loss or damage to information, IT systems, and networks. It also covers lost profits due to malware, extortion, or hacking. Policies offer vital incident assistance and management, crucial for reputation and regulatory concerns.

Business Insurance

Directors & Officers/Management Liability Insurance

D&O insurance (for large companies) and Management liability insurance (for SMEs) protect directors, officers, and senior managers from claims related to company operations. It covers legal defence costs and awarded damages for work-related breaches, also reimbursing the company for advanced legal expenses.


Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance encompasses various covers safeguarding individuals and businesses from substantial legal defence costs and court-awarded damages. Types include Public & Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, Management Liability, Statutory Liability, and Product Recall. Specialised liability insurance exists for aviation, marine, care, and finance industries.


Marine & Hull Insurance

For marine businesses involved in vessel construction or cargo/people transportation, essential insurance mitigates costly risks within waters. Marine Cargo Insurance covers goods transport across regions. Commercial Hull Insurance safeguards owned vessels and equipment. Marine Liability Insurance protects against legal liabilities arising from vessel operation and crew actions.


Motor Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is for businesses with sedans, SUVs, utes, and trucks, including specialised vehicles like mobile cranes and refrigerated transport. Fleet Insurance suits large businesses with extensive vehicle fleets, offering comprehensive or TPPD-only options with extensions for new vehicles, equipment, and accessories, including replacement vehicle costs after accidents or thefts.


Plant & Equipment Insurance

Plant and Equipment Insurance offers specialised coverage for registered and unregistered mobile plants and job site equipment. Choose from two main sections: accidental damage and theft insurance or Public Liability cover. Public liability insurance safeguards against injury or property damage during plant operations. Optional covers like Goods on Hook, rental cost reimbursement for temporary hires, Road Risk, and extended Wet or Dry Hire coverage are available at extra cost.


Property Insurance

Property insurance protects physical property from loss or damage due to insured events like storms, fires, or truck impacts. It’s commonly bundled with Farm Packs, Home Insurance, or Business Packs.


Strata Insurance

Strata, Body Corporate & Community Association insurance is mandatory, covering fire, storm, and public liability risks. Optional sections are often included for comprehensive protection, simplifying budgeting for annual premiums and urgent repairs.